Monday, April 28, 2008

Virtual Shoulder

TP 29 Jkt, 280408, 9.46am

Finally, I found somebody who I can share anything…

He was made me laugh and cry in the same times.. hehe

I’m not see him for long time a go… around 3 or 4 years I guess, suddenly he just popped up on YM, we are talking about anything, he just said “Oh dear, your ‘pembersihan’ is to hard!” keep ‘latihan’ with helper, and used ‘testing’ to guide / help you if you want.

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You raise me up

YM, 270408, 11.37pm

T : “Hey long time no see, apa kabar?”

Me : “Wow.. glad to meet you here, I’m fine thanks…!”

T : “What are you doing? How about T’s friends?”

Me : “They’re fine I guess, we are rare meet each other lately.”

T : “Still meet with R-guy?”

Me : “Yeah sometimes.”

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Najmul Hayah

TP 29 Jkt, 270408, 10.35pm

ya Allah…

If I was made something mistake…

Please give me YOUR guides and blessing to make it better…

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Saman Dance

Wisma Indonesia Jkt, 270408, 2-5pm


Just finished practicing tari Saman from Aceh, I’m felt exciting coz of we had a lot of laugh together at that processed, we’re not a dancer except Ine and Widayanti, we just tried to make something performance for “Harlah” at June.

Guess what…? Almost my entire friend felt pain at our knee or cramps at our feet haha…

The speeds are too fast and make us “spank” each other Xixixi…

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

P . O . E . M . S - by Jamie Springer

My new friend Jamie just make my m’ning brightnes coz of his poems and cute bear, thanks to allowed to put ur poems here :-)

TP 29 Jkt 7.54am 020408

Created by : Jamie Springer

1 ———————

For someone so beautiful,
With eyes sparkling so bright,
Your face glows mysticaly,
For reasons one can imagine,
My heart beating like a drum,
The night seems so right,
With you in my arms,
Under a moonlit night,
Touching the length of your body,
Holding you so tight,
Your lips grow numb,
While kissing you under the moon,
With your arms around me,
Bursting into heart-felt tears,
With the starlights twinkling bright.

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Kampung Girl by Uncle JC :p

Sumpah, kocak banget...! I can't stop laughing, so funny & creative parody music... Hwakakakak... Uncle JC is bule gilllaaaa.....