Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seminar "IBUISME"

Behind the Scane :-p

here the activity (behind the scene) while shooting for profile of Trisakti University (Economy Faculty).

[beginilah suasana pengambilan gambar.... heboh ya :p]

Monday, December 15, 2008

I love you Cinta

The synopsis:

I love you Cinta ... I hope you really understand .. that your mom care about you… with all the limitations that I have ...

We are different with them, Cinta ... we must have our own way to survive ... because we are not them ... God will love you Cinta .. because you are my patient daughter ... God's loves you Cinta... we are love you.. and we will continue to remain you to learn how to survive in live ... with the capacity that we have.

I love you Cinta...



I love you Cinta... semoga kamu tau.. bunda sayang kamu.. dengan segala keterbatasan yang bunda miliki...

Kita berbeda dengan mereka Cinta... kita harus punya cara sendiri untuk bisa bertahan hidup... karena kita bukan mereka... Tuhan akan menyayangimu Cinta.. karena kamu anak bunda yang sabar... Tuhan mencintaimu Cinta... kami mencintaimu Cinta.. dan kami akan tetap mengajakmu terus belajar untuk hidup... dengan kapasitas yang kita punya.

I love you Cinta...

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Bagging 4 love? No way...! [Memohon untuk cinta? Tidak Akan...!]

The synopsis:

In the lobby airport we hear the voice announced, "To the passenger plane, LJ 8989 to the United States of America, please using through the gate X, the plane will take off at 07:15 PM"

Farah turn back, leave the airport Soekarno-Hatta Cengkareng. She said in her self softly, "We'll see ... time will tell about our future. "



Dari udara diseantero lobby terdengar suara yang mengumumkan, “Kepada penumpang pesawat LJ 8989 tujuan Amerika Serikat, diharapkan segera menaiki pesawat melalui pintu X, pesawat akan segera take off tepat pukul 19.15”

Farah berbalik, meninggalkan airport Soekarno-Hatta Cengkareng. Dibisikkannya dengan lembut kepada dirinya sendiri, ”We’ll see... time will tell about our future.”

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Larry in d home

I thought he is already in Wisconsin right now, I hope anything was fine, even I can’t accompany you to the airport like I picking you up in the airport while you come. Thanks for anything was done Larry, for your kindness, your attention, your books that you bought for me, your help while I’m crazy setting something about computer stuff, ect.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aroma body, the important of women asset [Aroma tubuh aset "utama" wanita...?!]

According to the book The Joy of Sex, natural aroma body that always keep the body is the assets, at most, after the sexual beauty of the body. In fact, many men who would place them in the sequence number one.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

In the back stage with....

in the back stage with [dibelakang panggung bersama] Pancawati Audran, Aisha & Oliver Pletscher also Maria Claudia Marciano.

Take a pix with ambasador of Argentina & his assistance Sebastian after Eduardo Tami's performance at back stage [dibelakang panggung berfoto bersama Duta Besar Argentina & sekretarisnya Sebastian] -->

Eduardo Tami - Flute Musician, Argentina_11 Agustus 2008

Teater Kecil TIM Jakpus 11 Agustus 2008,

After the concert finished, Eduardo Tami (Flute) together with Oliver Pletscher (Guitar) and Aisha Pletscher (Piano), atmosphere at the back stage scene by fight fans who have requested a signature to the Eduardo Tami.

Concert was also attended by the Ambassador of Argentina and his assistance Sebastian.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Maria Claudia Marciano - tango dancer from Argentina_7 Agustus 2008

Vive Studio Jaksel - 8 Agustus 2008,

Vive Studio recently proclaiming itself to open the courses coming of a maestro Salsa dancer from Argentina, Maria Claudia Marciano, she is flute maestro of Argentina Eduardo Tami’s wife.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Monday, August 04, 2008

Cherie Valaray - Hungary_4 Agustus 2008

- From Sydney and Budapest with love -

Adi Puri Jaksel - Aug 4 2008
Cherie Valaray has agreed to make her second recital in Jakarta at the JakArt Festival -- her debut here was the sell - out virtuoso show at Goethe Haus in 2006. Cherie Valaray coloratura soprano will be heard again in varied programme showcasing her versatile talents.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Behind the stage of Shoestring Orchestra_30 July 2008 sd. 1 Agustus 2008

(1 & 2) In Rehearsal, Team Shoestring Orchestra multi bangsa (Mr. George Ellis-Conductor , Ms. Lathika Vithanage-Biolis, Mr. Christophoros Stamboglis-Vocal, Ms. Cherie Valaray-Vocal, Mr. Asep Hidayat-Celo, Mrs. Ade-Piano)

(3) The greters [seksi sibuk] multi talented, the combination of multi tasking [any kind of functions] as : publishings, mediatik, greeter, invitee setting, service, LO, ect. Even was in fully make up with nice fashion from designer Pancawati Audran [as a wardrobe's sponsor...] still active for packing & preparations... you never know that in back of the event always messy (wink)...! But the important things the invitee never notice about it haha...

(4,5 & 6) Buuuuttt.. stiiilll..... narcis, always try to stolen the time to take pose...! :p


Forbidden, Forgotten, Forsaken

August 1-31

From August 1-31, JakArt@2008 International Arts Cultural & Educational Festival will transform Jakarta into the ‘cultural city’ of the world featuring real imaginary, real, and imaginary real events, exhibitions, world premiers, interdisciplinary, collaborations, ect., and will include the Annual General Meeting os AAPAF (Associations of Asian Performing Arts Festivals) coinciding with the opening of the festival. This year’s festival theme is: Forbiden, Forgotten, Forsaken and our motto is “Reality begins where Fantasy ends”.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Casual Welcoming Dinner_31 July 2008

In this event attended delegations & Ambasadors who supported JakArt@2008 Events.
Acara ini dihadiri para delegasi dari organisasi Festival Asia dan perwakilan / Duta Besar negara-negara pendukung kegiatan JakArt@2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

Creators JakArt@2008

I want to write about top of imagines / creators person at JakArt@2008.
nantinya disini akan diisi dg tulisan mengenai para imaginer-imaginer tingkat tinggi JakArt@2008

will be write later

Monday, July 21, 2008

Work @ Week End

I thought I must enjoy while take a dinner at five star hotel at Saturday nite with nice music, especially coz of famous person like BS, AS and Y around me.

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Hard "silly" worker

Digital clock at the corner page in my computer said that now is 3.23am, late of nite.. but too early in the morning... and I'm just arrived at home.
I have a lot of things to do for tomorrow, it takes time and made me stay longer at the office today. But thanks God that mas Rene van Helsdingen is a kind guy, he was dropped me at home, even I know that he is very tired, but he won’t leave me alone by taxi. He didn’t know that I’m a silly gal who can stay in anywhere hehe.

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Kampung Girl by Uncle JC :p

Sumpah, kocak banget...! I can't stop laughing, so funny & creative parody music... Hwakakakak... Uncle JC is bule gilllaaaa.....