Saturday, August 02, 2008

Behind the stage of Shoestring Orchestra_30 July 2008 sd. 1 Agustus 2008

(1 & 2) In Rehearsal, Team Shoestring Orchestra multi bangsa (Mr. George Ellis-Conductor , Ms. Lathika Vithanage-Biolis, Mr. Christophoros Stamboglis-Vocal, Ms. Cherie Valaray-Vocal, Mr. Asep Hidayat-Celo, Mrs. Ade-Piano)

(3) The greters [seksi sibuk] multi talented, the combination of multi tasking [any kind of functions] as : publishings, mediatik, greeter, invitee setting, service, LO, ect. Even was in fully make up with nice fashion from designer Pancawati Audran [as a wardrobe's sponsor...] still active for packing & preparations... you never know that in back of the event always messy (wink)...! But the important things the invitee never notice about it haha...

(4,5 & 6) Buuuuttt.. stiiilll..... narcis, always try to stolen the time to take pose...! :p

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Kampung Girl by Uncle JC :p

Sumpah, kocak banget...! I can't stop laughing, so funny & creative parody music... Hwakakakak... Uncle JC is bule gilllaaaa.....