Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jaka sembung bawa golok [slang for: un match silly discussion]

This Joke from my friend Vero. We quoted from the discussion about our own “silly” friend with a bit modification in write, just want to share with you, coz it soo funny for us lol

Ini Joke dari Vero yg dikutip dari diskusi aneh teman kita sendiri, cuma di modifikasi dikit, pengen share aja, abis buat dakyu luchu siy… Xixixi… [TP 29 Jkt, 220508, 1626pm]

judulnya: Jaka sembung bawa golok

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read more in Indonesian

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Kampung Girl by Uncle JC :p

Sumpah, kocak banget...! I can't stop laughing, so funny & creative parody music... Hwakakakak... Uncle JC is bule gilllaaaa.....